Fireworks can’t go off until you light them. Things will not change until you take action. It’s really easy to get stuck and when we get stuck we tend to shut down, maybe hide and it’s really easy to get frustrated or give up. The problem with this is that nothing will change. I tell my clients to take the next obvious, positive and constructive step forward. It might be something tiny, but if we continue making little moves, step by step, day by day things will start to shift.

We also need to expect things to get better, expectancy in the mind creates the vision to see possibility and potential wherever you are.

You cannot control what others do, say or think, you can influence yes but not control. Many get stuck waiting for someone else to move, to change, to get out of the way. Do what is yours to do. Make the call, type the email, get moving and start the ball rolling. Move and the way will open.

Sharing is caring. If my words have added value to you, please share them with others so that they can also benefit and we can add more value to more people.

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  • Beautiful fireworks tonight over Bournemouth pier. Soul food comes in so many different flavours. 
#loveit #fireworks #innerchild #summer
  • As A-Level and GCSE results are now in I want to remind all parents and recipients of results that exams do not define you. They do not dictate your future success and certainly not your worth and value as a person. If the letters are not what you had hoped for 1. Get calm. 2. Seek advice and 3. Make a plan. Awesome things lie ahead of you. You are more than enough. 
#examresults #gcse2019 #alevelresults #alevelresultsday #exams #yourock #youaremorethanenough #thefutureisbright
  • Time flies! A year ago I married the one I love in a magical @wizardofozfilm and @wicked_musical themed wedding. Matt and I will remember this day forever. So many of our friends helped to make this day special, our cake was out of this world thanks to @donna_maria_white and to top it all off @alice_fearn11 and @sophieevansofficial our favourite witches from Wicked London sent us the most lovely video message. I have never felt so much love in one room. Love is Love. 
#married #wickedlondon #wickedthemusical #happymemories #loveislove #wedding #iloveyou #love #loveit #tempusfugit #amazing #thatcake
  • What an amazing day @Kew gardens. We were blown away by the stunning glass sculptures by @chihulystudio. A must see! Art and nature combined make perfect soul food. 
#kew #outdoors #art #adventure #london #soulfood #loveit #breathtaking #ilovedit #againagain #govisit #chihuly #royalbotanicalgardens #grateful
  • This past weekend I had the privilege to visit @ntstourhead and I think it may now be one of my favourite places in the world. I love “little adventures” exploring new places and seeing new things, I need to be in nature as often as possible. Stourhead is stunning and every now and then my mind wanders back to the lake, the grotto, the green, the trees and magical architecture. Stourhead is somewhere I have been saying I wanted to visit for years and years and I am so glad I finally made it there. Where do you need make a plan to visit? 
#stourhead #nationaltrust #stourheadnationaltrust #littleadventures #iloveit #stunning #magicmoment #peaceful
  • I have been in Brighton for my birthday today. In one of my favourite shops I discovered a magical book by @coraliebickfordsmith.
My love bought it for me because he could see how much it made me smile. You need to order a copy, food for the mind and heart and soul. @coraliebickfordsmith is epically talented, so grateful to have found this little piece of magic.

#birthday #happyboy #books #ilovebooks #thefoxandthestar #coraliebickfordsmith #amazing

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