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In line with changes to data protection legislation (also known as GDPR) effective as of 25th May 2018, on this page, you will find all necessary information about what we do with your personal information. We have attempted to convey the above information in concise, easy to understand and clear language.

White Giraffe Solutions Ltd – Trading as Paul Scadding, are both a processor and controller of personal data. We use MailChimp as a processor to send direct marketing to communicate with you.  

How do we use your personal information?

If you sign up to our mailing list you do so voluntarily and you will be contacted via email to receive regular updates. We never use pre-ticked boxes, opt-out boxes or other default settings to capture data. Any data that is provided is done so voluntarily.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

We will never share or supply your personal data with any third parties.

What data is being collected?

Mailing List Sign up – If you sign up to our mailing list you do so voluntarily. You are asked to supply your email address and there is an option to supply your first and last name. Only the email address is marked as required.

One to One clients – When you enrol as a one to one client, you will be asked to provide your email address, contact telephone number, first and last name and postal address if you wish to receive resources through the post. Any personal information that you choose to disclose is voluntary. Your telephone number is necessary for requested coaching work to take place, for example, in the event of any changes to your client appointments.

Expression of Interest Forms – During live events, you may be given the opportunity to apply for a coaching call and asked to complete a paper-based form as an expression of interest. You will be asked to voluntarily supply your name, email and contact number. The paper forms will be destroyed (shredded) once the or until the call has taken place. The information gathered is solely for allowing us to fulfil your requests. Applying for a coaching call at a live event does not infer signing up to our mailing list and as such you will not receive any direct marketing. Should you wish to be included in our mailing list a separate opt-in is provided on the same expression of interest form.

What are the lawful bases for processing your data?

The lawful bases for processing data are set out in Article 6 of the GDPR. We believe that the following are applicable.

Consent: the individual has given clear consent for you to process their personal data for a specific purpose.

This means that you volunteer your information to receive direct mail from us.

Contract: the processing is necessary for a contract you have with the individual, or because they have asked you to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

Your data is necessary for you to undertake one to one coaching.

Legitimate interests: the processing is necessary for your legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s personal data which overrides those legitimate interests. (This cannot apply if you are a public authority processing data to perform your official tasks.)

We have an interest as a business to be able to contact you in order to deliver coaching.

How long do we store your data?

Records will be stored for seven years or until you decide to withdraw consent; whichever comes first. Once the seven years have lapsed all data will be deleted electronically or paper copies destroyed (shredded).

Your right to be forgotten

If you have provided us with your data, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time. If you are subscribed to our mailing list there is a preference-management tool to unsubscribe link, at the bottom of all emails that are sent from MailChimp. Alternatively, you may wish to contact us on the details below, and we will delete your information manually.


 For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information, your rights to access the information we hold on you, or for any other issues regarding your data please contact:  

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