Workplace Coaching

Change and challenges are inevitable in the workplace today. People can become overwhelmed, lose motivation and even burn out, having to take time off to recover. Personal coaching can quickly help a person get a fresh perspective, see solutions and recover their enthusiasm for work.

  • 30-40 minute coaching sessions available to all employees
  • Delivered on-site on a full-day basis
  • Employees can refer themselves or managers can refer an employee
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Sessions are solution-focused, practical and motivating
  • Clients report increased wellbeing and productivity
  • Avoids issues escalating
  • Focussed to create specific goals
  • Cost-effective solution for the business

Employee Testimonials 

“My session with Paul was amazing, it blew my mind (in a good way). It was the best half an hour of time I have spent with a person in my whole life. Paul helped me to see something that I would never have thought of myself. I can now see what’s possible. Just Amazing.”

“Without being too overdramatic, Paul has changed my life! The coaching has flipped some kind of switch that I’m positive will never go back again. It’s given me the much needed inner headspace to be able to be calmer and more confident in my thinking. My friends and colleagues have both said recently how different I am since I started working with Paul.” 

“Paul can motivate you in a way no one else can.” 

“Brilliant if you are feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of balancing workload along with all the additional challenges of life!” 

“Uplifting and beneficial focusing on solutions, not problems.” 

“Paul is like a breath of fresh air, he has been a godsend to our business.”

“Paul understands the challenges of today and gives practical techniques that can be used in day to day life.” 

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  • Have to share this stunning art with you, it’s called “Love is a lighthouse.” @aaronpiland your work is stunning and I wish you every success!!! #art #artwork #soulfood #beautiful #artiseverything #lovelovelove
  • Soooooooo so so so grateful for the sunshine today! Beautiful 🧡 🤗☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #october #sunshine #lovely #happy #wellness #peace #breathitin #seaside #ocean
  • I really don’t like gloomy grey skies. The weather here has been cold, wet and grey for weeks now. The trick is not to focus on the grey, instead we look for the colour wherever we go. 
Make your own rainbow and create colour wherever you go. 🌈

#colour #weather #lookforthecolour #findthecolour #colourful #rainyday #greyskies #focus #lawofattraction
  • Such an awesome evening speaking at The Mantra Rooms. I am always so grateful that people come out especially on dark, cold, drizzly night to hear me speak. 
I spend the evening with a group of wonderful women talking about what wellness really means and what gets in the way.  We laughed a lot too! 😂😂😂 #speaking #motivational #motivationalspeaker #ilovemylife #lifeisgood #wellness #wellbeing #youmatter #workshops #inspirational #laughterisgoodforthesoul
  • It’s World Mental Health Day and I want to share just one thing that could help you if you are struggling with your own #mentalhealth. 
They say a change is as good as a rest, recently I had the pleasure of visiting @sculpturebythelakes and it was stunning. Art in nature is one of my favourite blends. The park is peaceful and tranquil and the art is blended beautiful into the natural surroundings. It was somewhere I had wanted to go for years but never prioritised making it happen. I wish I had gone sooner. 
If you are #stressed #depressed or #anxious getting out into nature is so healing for your wellbeing. Get out into the garden, visit your local park, walk around the block and breath deep and take in beauty wherever you can find it. If the depressed anxious voice tells you to stay inside, ignore it. 
Prioritise your mental health. #mentalhealthmatters 
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depressionhelp #anxiety #wellness #wellbeing #coach #youmatter #love #littlesteps #try #doyourbest
  • Double rainbow today made me smile. Even though you know the sun is just shining through raindrops it’s still magical. Life is wonderful so be sure to stay full of wonder. 
#rainbow #magic #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisawesome #beautiful #wonder

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