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How do you describe what you do?Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 17.31.56


I deliver transformational talks, courses and workshops that help people to discover their power for personal growth and healing. I do this because I love people and hate to see them suffer! The human mind is so powerful, if only people could realise this, everyone has the ability to go from a feeling powerless to feeling powerful.

Adopting a positive mindset does not mean you will live a life free from problems, it just means that when faced with a barrier, you use the tools you have learned to move past it unharmed. It is the difference between staying in a dark place or turning on a light. We can all affect positive change in our own life when we are in a dark place!

You work both as an enterprise/ business consultant and a personal development teacher – do these two things go together?

For me they must go together, the space where the sphere of personal life and the sphere of professional life meet is, the person. If you struggle with money and have limiting beliefs about it that were learned from childhood, that will affect the way that you do business. If you do not have self belief how can you ever really be secure and successful?

Often, when people talk about business, they usually talk about profit margins and spread sheets, but these are just by-products of people. Business is about people and I am all about people and helping them to be happy, whole and abundant.

What is your hope for the people that you work with?

My hope is that I can give people just one little thing that they can take away, allowing them to make a positive change in their life. I try to give them a seed, they have the choice to discard it, save it for later or plant it and help it to grow and blossom as something that will help them.Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 17.37.51

I see myself a little like Glinda from The Wizard of Oz – essentially Dorothy was lost and in a crisis, and Glinda provided a solution, she pointed the way to a path for Dorothy to walk. I do that, I provide information, I point the way forward but the key part is that people must take the steps and move forward themselves.

People read a book and expect their whole world to change overnight; action is the key to moving forward. There are people that will emerge along the way to help you but the path, your journey, is yours to make. That is how you get to the emerald city and along the way become more that you ever thought you could be. You don’t become powerful after a journey; you become powerful because of the journey.

What triggered your journey of self development and what have been the key parts to the journey?

I suffered with depression for many years, my behaviour was very self-destructive, and I felt powerless – I thought that was just the way things were. I never realised that things could be any different, I was masking a lot of pain that I thought I just had to bottle up and cope with it, as so many do. I eventually came to see that everything comes down to the mind and you can choose the mindset that you have. I was taking an anti depressant but nothing really seemed to get better – yes I felt happier in myself but for me it always felt like the medication just papered over the cracks, underneath there was still a huge well of pain and sorrow.Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 17.47.14

I set myself on a path of self-development; I voraciously sought out ways to help myself and became accountable. I had hypnotherapy, I learned meditation and then taught it to others, I volunteered, I learned reiki and kinesiology and read all kinds of books, attended workshops and worked with some amazing people. Each person, each book was a step on my path and each is equally important. One of the most significant steps on my journey was being introduced to the work of Louise Hay, her ideas are simple and beautiful and anyone can learn them.

The first step is key, there is a Zen saying “Move and the way will open.” Just do one small positive thing, take one step forward and you will find that other good things will come.

What do you think is the key to personal development?

Never stop learning! There is always more to know.

Who inspires you?

That is very difficult there are so many people that I look up to. The first has to be Louise Hay – I find her work so inspiring as I have said, hence my wish to share it with others. I have always respected His Holiness The Dalai Lama, his light is so bright and he has worked so tirelessly to improve the way human beings treat each other and always shows such compassion and kindness. I have heard him speak and I cannot fathom how one man can fill an entire auditorium, and make you feel like he is talking just to you, that is powerful!

Oprah Winfrey is another big inspiration to me, I am in awe of the impact she has made in the world, she is incredibly smart, I love smart people. Dolly Parton is funny and has a huge heart and she is very smart also, she’s an amazing woman to me. Equal to all those people is anyone who has the courage to address their demons and limitations to create a better life for themselves – that takes huge courage.

What do you think we should teach in schools?

That is such a good question – I often struggle with the lack of innovation in education. We teach kids about the solar system, how to make cakes and all kinds of mathematics that they may never use. We even teach them foreign languages but most people struggle to communicate and speak their truth in their own language – there is so much that could be achieved by teaching kids  how to love and accept themselves as unique individuals, or how to be resilient in hard times, or what to do if they feel down.

Education is so key if you teach a child the right things when they are young, I really believe that they will struggle far less as adults.

What is your view of religion?

I am fascinated by belief and faith and all the ways that human beings have developed to understand the world and how it works. I am not really interested in religion per se; often our religion is just another label that we inherit from someone else, usually our parents. I don’t see how someone else can choose this for you when it is so personal. Often it is a label that makes us different from other people and that creates separation. I am forever saying this; we need to find more ways to learn from each other and come together embracing the fact that we believe different things, which is fine. To me people can choose to believe whatever they like about God and the universe but leave other people to their beliefs, do not judge them or make them wrong for that they believe.

Essentially we are all the same, we have a heart and a brain, we want to be happy and do not want to suffer, we make it so much more complicated. I think religious organisations throughout history have tried to suppress and control people and that does not sit well with me. Wars have been fought in the name of religion, people have been brutalised and killed this is so wrong! I could never support a God or Gods that are jealous, punish, are cruel or would ask you to do harm. A religion that makes you a sinner i.e. wrong just does not work for me either.

I feel it is important to learn about the world and create a belief that the force that created you, us, and everything loves and supports you – that feels far better to me. Spiritual practice becomes important here, how do you keep yourself loved, nurtured and filled up? No one has the right to tell you how to do that. It is a personal connection.

 What is the source of your energy what is it that drives you?

I just want people to be happy, as simple as that. I cannot bear to see people suffer as I did for so long. We are so much more than we are lead to believe. Helping people see that they can affect positive change in their own life and then watching them do it. That is what drives me.






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