Fireworks can’t go off until you light them. Things will not change until you take action. It’s really easy to get stuck and when we get stuck we tend to shut down, maybe hide and it’s really easy to get frustrated or give up. The problem with this is that nothing will change. I tell my clients to take the next obvious, positive and constructive step forward. It might be something tiny, but if we continue making little moves, step by step, day by day things will start to shift.

We also need to expect things to get better, expectancy in the mind creates the vision to see possibility and potential wherever you are.

You cannot control what others do, say or think, you can influence yes but not control. Many get stuck waiting for someone else to move, to change, to get out of the way. Do what is yours to do. Make the call, type the email, get moving and start the ball rolling. Move and the way will open.

Sharing is caring. If my words have added value to you, please share them with others so that they can also benefit and we can add more value to more people.

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