Client Success Stories

Lucy’s Story

Without being too overdramatic, Paul has changed my life! He has some kind of magic in him…. The last few years I’ve spiralled further and further into this anxious place, and it was really starting to become a struggle every day, to keep it on the inside and still be ‘shiny and happy’ on the outside. The coaching has flipped some kind of switch that I’m positive will never go back again.

It’s given me the much needed inner headspace to be able to be more calm and confident in my thinking, instead of constantly having an argument with myself in my brain. I now feel this wonderful clear-headed calm. Yes, there will be good days and challenging days still, but anxiety is now ‘that thing over there’ and not inherently a part of me that controls me and that is the best feeling in the world.

 I love going home now and being able to switch off just spending an evening with my partner, not ignoring him because I am too busy catastrophising in my head about all the terrible things that could or might happen. I relax, I sleep, I feel better the next morning. And so the happy cycle continues!

 My friends and colleagues have all said recently how different I am and how much happier and relaxed I seem, which is funny as I was so convinced before I did a darn good job of hiding it before I started working with Paul. 


Tara’s Story 

I contacted Paul because anxiety was consuming my whole life, I was worried about anything and everything, feeling constantly on high alert; which was draining. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re worried all the time. I struggled to switch off from work and holidays were always ruined, spent worried and anxious. This was a problem that had been brewing for me for over 10 years and had gotten worse over the year before I contacted Paul.

Working with Paul has been life-changing for me, I am happier and more peaceful in myself. I am now able to manage my own thoughts and choose how I react to things.

For the first time ever I was able to go on holiday and not spend the whole time feeling anxious, worrying about what was going on at home. There were even some extreme weather conditions whilst we were away which the old me would have completely freaked out about. The new me stayed calm, knowing that I could not control it, so there was no sense in panicking.

The people around me are happier as well because I am more settled and not spreading my anxiety. I am more confident and choose what I focus on, I have the tools to be able to accept things and move past setbacks. My focus now is having fun and making happy memories, not holding myself back with worry and anxiety. I would thoroughly recommend Paul, he has changed my life.



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