Client Success Stories

Chloe’s Story

“I came to Paul when I was at a low point. I was feeling very stuck and stagnant, struggling to move forward, take action and achieve all the things I wanted to achieve in my life. It was all super frustrating and I couldn’t really see a light at the end of the tunnel. Paul quickly helped me shift perspective, gain much needed clarity and see things in a new way. He provided a safe and supportive outlet for me to explore what I really wanted and the steps that would help me get there. Paul is plain spoken, relatable and grounded, I felt completely safe to explore the real issues that were holding me back and I never once felt judged. He just has this natural, kind and warm way about him that helps you see what’s possible. He made what felt deep, dark and scary feel accessible, doable and somehow even fun. After each session I came away feeling lighter. Paul helped me find my self worth again. I am about to start my dream job and my future feels bright. I feel like I can do anything now! 


Ami’s Story

“Capturing in a few lines my life-long gratitude for your kindness and generosity is impossible but hopefully this goes some way to sharing my deepest thanks for your support. I’ve known Paul for a number of years now and whether it’s been in a group course setting, or one-to-one coaching, his desire to help people transform their lives is really lovely to experience. Paul has a deep generosity of spirit and I have felt so encouraged by him. He was instrumental in getting me to really believe that having my own business was doable – something I had longed for for years but not yet been able to action, owing to blocks that I had. One of the greatest gifts Paul has given me was helping me reframe things from my past and in doing so, I was able to view something that had weighed on me for 30+ years in a completely different light. That mind shift will stay with me for the rest of my life and I am so very grateful for this gift in my healing journey. Paul’s creativity and enthusiasm is a joy to be around and even when we were working through very challenging things going on in my life, we also shared a lot of laughter together too – he lightened the heavy load I had been carrying. Working with Paul gave me the confidence to really make a go of my business and he has gone to great lengths to help me feel valued and supported. Thank you Paul for your generous giving of your time and experience to help me believe in myself and take the action required to shape a happier life.” – Ami


Lisa’s Story

“A friend recently told me that she can see how much I’ve changed. She said that when she met me I seemed so sad and broken inside and she was right I was. I felt very broken both mentally and physically, I was at the end of my tether, I questioned if I could keep going with the way I was feeling. I actually don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t for Paul’s help. My friend then told me that she can see that I am so happy now, healthy and at peace, she’s right again. It’s down to the work I’ve done with Paul, it’s been incredible. For over 20 years I sought help from so many people, councillors, therapists, Drs and none of them were able to help me in the way that Paul has. Paul is kind and supportive and puts things in a way that makes so much sense. He has taught me tools that I can use to navigate difficulties in life and deal with things instead of letting them get on top of me. I’ve learned to understand the past and not let things weigh me down. Most of all I have learned to like myself and to value myself which is huge for me as I once hated everything about myself. I feel light and peaceful for the first time in my life.”


Lucy B’s Story 

Without being too overdramatic, Paul has changed my life! He has some kind of magic in him…. The last few years I’ve spiralled further and further into this anxious place, and it was really starting to become a struggle every day, to keep it on the inside and still be ‘shiny and happy on the outside. The coaching has flipped some kind of switch that I’m positive will never go back again.

It’s given me the much needed inner headspace to be able to be more calm and confident in my thinking, instead of constantly having an argument with myself in my brain. I now feel this wonderful clear-headed calm. Yes, there will be good days and challenging days still, but anxiety is now ‘that thing over there’ and not inherently a part of me that controls me and that is the best feeling in the world.

 I love going home now and being able to switch off just spending an evening with my partner, not ignoring him because I am too busy catastrophising in my head about all the terrible things that could or might happen. I relax, I sleep, I feel better the next morning. And so the happy cycle continues!

 My friends and colleagues have all said recently how different I am and how much happier and relaxed I seem, which is funny as I was so convinced before I did a darn good job of hiding it before I started working with Paul. 


Tara P’s Story 

I contacted Paul because anxiety was consuming my whole life, I was worried about anything and everything, feeling constantly on high alert; which was draining. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re worried all the time. I struggled to switch off from work and holidays were always ruined, spent worried and anxious. This was a problem that had been brewing for me for over 10 years and had gotten worse over the year before I contacted Paul.

Working with Paul has been life-changing for me, I am happier and more peaceful in myself. I am now able to manage my own thoughts and choose how I react to things.

For the first time ever I was able to go on holiday and not spend the whole time feeling anxious, worrying about what was going on at home. There were even some extreme weather conditions whilst we were away which the old me would have completely freaked out about. The new me stayed calm, knowing that I could not control it, so there was no sense in panicking.

The people around me are happier as well because I am more settled and not spreading my anxiety. I am more confident and choose what I focus on, I have the tools to be able to accept things and move past setbacks. My focus now is having fun and making happy memories, not holding myself back with worry and anxiety. I would thoroughly recommend Paul, he has changed my life.


Lucy K’s Story 

“I’d been through several really tough years when I met Paul and as a result, I’d stopped valuing myself and prioritising me and my self-care. I felt completely safe with Paul and knew I could tell him anything and there was no judgement. I was able to be totally honest and Paul’s approach means that he was honest and straightforward whilst being positive and warm but not sugar-coating which was important to me. I am more positive than I’ve ever been and I have tools that will help me maintain my resilience. I’m also clear on my goals and have the tools to get me where I want to be. Paul has worked wonders, working with him has been transformative I know who I am now, I’m so much calmer, happier and more contented. I feel more fulfilled and I won’t compromise my self-care anymore.”


Sara B 

“The ‘superpower’ which strikes me most about Paul is his ability to make swift and deep connections with people. That enables him to win trust quickly and deliver insight and (constructive) criticism in ways which are understood and embraced.  He inspires confidence as a result. I have seen that play through from my first meeting with him when, just a few minutes before stepping on stage in front of my whole department, he as our chosen facilitator, helped coach me on how best to land the message on the basis of the sessions he had been running for my teams.  That was a tough ask but resulted in an event which was a real watershed for the whole team not least because of the vivid, memorable, amusing and engaging language Paul used to describe a previously intractable cultural problem. Since then I have seen people in my team blossom as a result of his coaching and I have benefited from his to-the-point interventions when he spots something go awry (or indeed not achieve the recognition deserved).  The level of care for and interest in the people he coaches and the organisations he works with goes far beyond the norm and makes him a truly special partner to work with as a result.  Suffice to say I would recommend him highly!”


Olivia’s Story 

“I’m doing the best I’ve done in my life. I’m on top of the world! I feel like I’m on the right path now and it feels amazing. I 100% see now what comes from coaching. I am astronomically grateful that I met you. You’ve given me the tools I need for the rest of my life. I’d felt displaced, unhappy and overweight for 8 years and I was dreading the future. I was doing my best but not what was best for me. I now know what I want out of life and how to make it happen. I now feel excited about life for the first time in 8 years and that feeling is amazing. And I’ve lost 2 and a half stone as well.”


Laura’s Story

“Negative thinking and anxiety were taking over my life and eating away at me. I had been feeling completely overwhelmed and wound tight inside like a coil. Needless to say, I was not in a good place so I reached out to Paul after he spoke at my workplace. Paul is so down to earth and I felt I could say anything and he never made me feel silly. He helped me get to the root cause of why I felt the way that I was feeling. From there I realised that I am, as Paul put’s it, “more than enough” and just that alone is massively powerful for me. I would never have imagined feeling that way before. Paul has a very calming presence and you feel really listened to. Through working with Paul he’s given me the tools to interrupt the negative anxious thinking and catastrophising and turn it around, I’ve changed my self-talk and feel better about myself. I’ve been able to unwind and finally feel calmer and more relaxed about life. I know there will always be stuff that can stress me but I know how to deal with it now and that’s life-changing for me.”


Ruth’s Story

“I sought Paul’s support because everything was coming to a head for me. I was facing redundancy in what felt like a really brutal and painful process. I was absolutely terrified and it was really impacting me negatively. Paul came highly recommended by friends and colleagues and he gave me much needed support, guidance and most importantly kindness, during a really tumultuous time. Paul helped me gain perspective and clarity which gave me the courage to take control of the situation and make a plan for myself without fear and anxiety. I felt heard, understood and safe. Paul is so easy to talk to and I was able to be my whole self. Paul provides safety and understanding in a world that often feels so uncertain and that is invaluable. From what seemed like a very dark place Paul has been a lifeline for me and I have a bright path forward now.”


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