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What’s the first thing you need to create change? It’s Motivation. What do you need to keep going?

More Motivation.

That’s what I provide for my private clients, which is why they stay on track, keep taking action and get the results they want. Without
motivation, you slow down and could stop altogether, feel frustrated, stuck; maybe even hopeless.
How good would it be if you had a way to get motivated, stay motivated and be supported to take action to get what you want easily
and accessibly?

I’ve created a brand new mentorship community to better help you stay inspired and on track, speak personally to me and get your
questions and challenges handled week by week.

Our community provides:

• Access to a carefully curated private FB community for daily ongoing
• Two live thought-provoking sessions every month, full of inspiration and
strategies to make life work
• Heaps of existing sessions to use as tools and guidance, whenever you like
• Guided meditations
• All live sessions, content and support is shaped by what you need.

Relationships, money, work, what is covered is what you need. Join our community today to get instant access and get your first month FREE


Coaching Community


“Fab! So motivational, everyone would benefit from listening to Paul.”

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  • Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Mama’s out there. I know today will be tough as we will not be able to celebrate with our Mums as we might like, but please let your Mum know how much you love her and how grateful you are to have her. 💙🤗😍🥰 #mothersday #mum #motheringsunday #loveyou #lovethem
  • If you’re feeling stressed and worried with all that’s going on right now, it’s a perfect time to develop a meditation practice. Find an object you love, I use these beautiful ceramic coral / flowers from @chiveuk . Place the object in front of you and soften your gaze, breath deeply and slowly and keep your single pointed focus on your object. If your mind starts to wander, take another deep breath and place your focus back on the item in front of you. If your mind is agitated you could say to yourself over and over....”I am enough, I am safe, all is well.” Meditation is a practice the more you do it the easier it becomes. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 
#meditation #meditationpractice #meditate #focus #calm #corona #coronavirus #calm #choosecalm #chive #loveit #getcreative
  • On Thursday night I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing @robgreenmusic perform. Smart, soulful, SUPERB. Rob shared a quote from Rev. C. L Franklin the Father of Aretha Franklin... “If you think you are too weak, you are too weak; Whatever your mental attitude is, has a lot to do with who you’re going to be and how successful you are in your efforts.” I love these words and I love Rob’s song that was inspired by these words. Check out ‘Believe’ by the ever so talented Rob Green on Spotify, such a lovely guy whom I wish every success and happiness. 
#robgreenmusic #music #soulsounds #wonderful #talent #everysuccess #goforit
  • Oh how I love rainbow. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
#lifeisbeautiful #rainbow #rainyday #makesmehappy #silverlining #gonebeforeyouknowit #fleetingmoments
  • Little signs of spring are, well springing up everywhere. One of my intentions for this year is to spend even more time in nature. 
#spring #wellness #wellbeing #iamwellandgood #outdoors #nature #grateful #getoutside
  • The sky took my breath away this morning. So beautiful. I wish you all a wonderful day filled with colour and good surprises. 
#skyporn #sky #dawn #dawnlight #skypics #sunrise #beauty #naturalbeauty #lovely #breathitin

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