Motivated Mindset Membership

Paul can motivate in a way that no one else ever could!

What’s the first thing you need to create change?

It’s Motivation.

What do you need to keep going?

More Motivation.

That’s what I provide for my private clients, which is why they stay on track, keep taking action and get the results they want.

Without motivation, you slow down and could stop altogether. Once motivation is gone you feel frustrated, stuck; maybe even hopeless.

How would it be if you had a way to get motivated, stay motivated and be supported to take action to get what you want – at a great price?

Now you can! I’ve created a brand new monthly membership, I help you stay inspired and on track and you get to speak personally to me and get your questions and challenges handled.

When I ask the people who attend my talks what I could do to improve 9 times out of 10 the answer is the same…MORE! More time, more sessions, more often, more, more, more. That’s what this Membership is all about, giving you more access to me and my ideas so that you stay on track and don’t lose motivation.

With my support my clients have:-

  • Gotten promoted
  • Found their purpose
  • Started their dream business
  • Lost weight
  • Overcome huge uncertainty and change
  • Become more resilient
  • Supercharged their well-being
  • Healed past trauma
  • Mended damaged relationships
  • Boosted their confidence
  • Found their self-worth
  • Overcome depression and anxiety

To name just a few successes!

I want to show you what worked for me and what’s worked for hundreds of my clients. I completely transformed my own life when I learnt how to handle stress and take control of my response to change and challenges. I came off antidepressants after struggling through 10 years of anxiety and depression. Changing my mindset has enabled me to achieve success that I once thought impossible.

You can achieve success without stress, and respond effectively to challenges and change in life and work, if you have the right tools and strategies and the right support. Get the tools, strategies and guidance you need to unlock your higher potential and make your full contribution without burnout and overwhelm.

How Does it Work?

I go LIVE online every month just for my members. I will deliver thought-provoking and uplifting content to help you maintain and sustain your motivation so you can make life work for you. You get to speak to me personally and put your questions to me or you can sit and soak up the information wherever you are in the world. Either way, you get motivation and direction to stay ahead, so you can handle anything life throws at you and Supercharge your life. The LIVE sessions are up to an hour once per month via Zoom.


Sessions are recorded so if you can’t make the live sessions you can watch them later or refer back to them with access to the whole archive, for life, in your members-only area on my website.

You Shape Content

We are gonna cover what I consider to be the five main areas of life, Health (mental and physical), Relationships, Money, Work and Spiritual Connection, (no wacky woo, woo stuff, this is your relationship to something bigger than you, what you believe about life and how you stay energised uplifted, inspired and motivated.) You are going to discover the key strategies and tools to overcome difficulties and setbacks in each of these areas. If there is a topic you would like to hear me speak on you can make a request and I will create the content. You can also ask questions during the LIVE sessions.

Guided Meditations

Live sessions will begin with a short guided meditation created by me to help you to get calm, get clear and get in the right frame of mind for absorbing new information.

Even More Access and Even More Content

As soon as you join as a member you have access to our private Facebook community where you will find daily content, yep that’s right, you have access to inspiring and motivational content 365 days a year. I will be in the group daily and can answer questions, give tips and share more inspirational content. You can also connect with other members and share ideas and get support.

What’s the Cost?

You get all this for just £37 per month (that’s £1.19 a day!)
Keep reading to find out how you can pay a little as £24 a month as a Founder Member.

Founder Members – Life-Long Fixed Rate

Founder membership subscription is available to the first 100 people who subscribe. As a founder member, you will pay just £24 per month saving you £13 per month which is over a third off and just 77p per day.


To get the most out of your membership we suggest that you give it a go for at least 3 months and see how it goes. You have full support along the way so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get the most out of your membership. If Motivated Mindset Membership does not work for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time, with no fees or penalties.

You can re-subscribe again at any time.

Why listen to me?

Here’s what people have said about my groups, talks and workshops

“Insightful with great takeaways to help you get the most out of life.”
“Paul I need to hear you every day.”
“Love listening to the guru that is Paul Scadding”
“So uplifting – a tonic.”
“I love Paul’s energy I could listen to him all day, he is such a passionate and enthusiastic speaker. So engaging. The content is always relevant, practical and relatable.”
“Just mesmerising!”
“Fab. So motivational everyone would benefit from listening to Paul.”
“Engaging, honest and easily relatable. Breath of fresh air listening to Paul.”
“Paul is just spot on every time.”
“I wish Paul lived with me can you imagine how inspired you’d be every day?”
“Paul is a really down to earth guy who lands the topic perfectly.”
“Paul is calming and puts things into perspective.”
“Paul has an incredible way of making it safe to face into some really tricky topics. Making things lighthearted, safe, respectful and practical all at the same time is an extraordinary talent.”
“Massive thank you, your workshops always make me feel revived!”
“Paul is an incredibly engaging speaker, and his honest approach made the session incredibly valuable, both from a personal and work perspective.”
“Excellent content delivered with passion.”
“Paul is a fantastic speaker who you instantly connect with. He opens your eyes to simple truths that can really help your personal wellbeing.”
“Thank you for being wonderful, inspirational, honest & funny.”
“Engaging, enjoyable and interesting. Great delivery with fun, laughter and enthusiasm. And really knows his stuff!” “Paul’s energy is infectious.” “Super engaging, really great insight.”

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply click the link below to subscribe and set up your membership. Once you’re all set up you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need.

Motivated Mindset


If ever you have a problem with your membership and need support, email us at  and one of the team will be happy to assist you.

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For people who work in any caring profession self-care is paramount. 
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