“As a busy Mum, Paul has been an invaluable source of support for me he listens and I never ever feel judged, I can say anything to him. I find it hard to hard to tlak to other Mums for fear of being judged or criticised. Paul has given me so many practical tips and techniques to feel better about myself as a person, a parent and as a worker.” 


I coach a lot (and I mean ALOT) of parents and I have always been in awe of how they balance so many demands in life and work.

Right now life feels very uncertain and no one has all the answers for how we avoid burnout and keep our families happy and healthy.

The number one thing that I see with parents (particularly Mum’s) is that they never feel like they are doing a good enough job. Let’s think about parenting for a moment, there’s no job description, you’re on call 24/7, 365 days a year and even when your kids have grown up you still worry. There’s no manual and you have very few markers to tell if you are performing or not. No pay, and often no thanks and of course you do it for love but how do you feel good enough?

You stop letting your inner critic tell you that you’re not good enough! 

You do this by taking control of your self-talk. I want to share with you a powerful little practice that will head you boost your confidence and increase your self worth as a parent.

Step One 

Go to a mirror and look yourself in the eyes. No criticism, or putting yourself down, please!

Step Two 

Say the following words out loud or in your head, either way is fine; it’s the intention that matters.

“I am a great parent and I am always doing the best I can. I don’t have all the answers, no one does and that is okay. I do not have to be perfect, no one is. Being a parent is not easy but I am doing a great job. I am more than enough.”

You may feel silly doing this but it works if you keep it up. Don’t wait for someone else to validate you or tell you, you are doing a great job. Make this technique your own, give yourself a pep-talk into the mirror and tell yourself all the things that you would love to be told. It’s not vain or arrogant is appreciating and valuing yourself.


If this feels really difficult for you pop over and take a look at my ‘I am enough’ guided meditation. It’s 15 minutes of powerful affirmations that help you boost your self-talk and feel good enough. Use discount code meditatewithme and you’ll pay just 99p for the track. I am working on a series of ‘Calm Sessions’ meditations that will be available soon.

Click here to sample the track 


If you feel you need more support right now in a way that you can dip in and out of and works around your schedule, you might like to consider joining my online community. ‘The Coaching Community’ was created to help you stay inspired, on track, and get your questions and challenges handled in a way that’s convenient and easily accessible. With inspiring content, tips and guidance from me as well as the support of the community, members are finding new ways to overcome challenges, developing their mindset and discovering tools that help them thrive in life and at work.

Click here to find out about The Coaching Community 

Heres what our members say…

“I have gained so much. I love how safe the group feels and how much love there is.” 

“Knowledge is power and I now feel powerful about how my life can move forward in a much more confident way.” 

“The Coaching Community is a safe place to discuss your fears or your joys. It feels great to be part of a group where judgement is never made and you are accepted just as you are. I benefit from knowing that Paul is always there to listen and give advice or to ask you questions which make you look inside yourself for answers. The videos are fabulous, made by someone who genuinely cares about you. So many amazing ideas. I feel this would benefit all people but especially those that are open to the idea of increasing confidence, success and inner peace. I could go on and on!” 

“I joined to keep me focused and motivated to work on myself and my development, have me time and get positivity. I get all this in bucket loads and the support of like-minded people.”


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“My call with Paul was amazing, it blew my mind (in a good way). It was the best half an hour of time I have spent with a person in my whole life. Paul helped me to see something that I would never have thought of myself. I can now see what’s possible. Just Amazing.

– Sharon 

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