Protected Time

Lovely people, it’s confession time, I’ve not written a blog in forever (since 2017 eek!) I can’t believe it’s been that long, where has the time gone?

It was never my intention to stop writing blogs, so many of you had contacted me to tell me how much you liked my words and writing a new blog was always on my to-do list. I just never seemed to find the time and my attention was always needed elsewhere. Do you ever feel like that, you want to do something but there just never seems to be enough hours in the day?

I actually didn’t stop writing, I have written magazine articles, newsletters, a blog of sorts that went out on Facebook, I’ve even been working on a book, but I just couldn’t seem to get back to writing this blog.  What’s worse, I really like writing this blog, I love that my words can reach you wherever you are in the world and if they inspire, motivate or energise you then that makes me really happy; so what happened?

The truth is I became super busy almost out of nowhere, more and more people were and are approaching me to work privately with me, businesses were and are contacting me to speak to their teams. Running a business is full on, all the time, there’s always so much to do. Here’s the thing, and the learning point for this blog, I am still super busy nothing has changed in that regard, however, I have taken time to refocus and prioritise and created protected time.

My website is going through a refresh at the moment and the other day I came to the site to do a review and there it was…the blog tab, it was like running into a friend that you haven’t seen for years. A little awkward on my part because I haven’t been in touch for so long, but lovely to reconnect. At that moment I made a decision to get back to blogging. That’s how change starts, you have to reach the point where you say to yourself, “Enough is enough!” From that point, you can stop and make a new choice.

The truth is there are plenty of hours in the day, it’s how we utilise them that matters. We will do something if we make a decision to do it and make it important enough. You have to want to do it though, most of the time, if we were honest with ourselves, we are not doing something because….we don’t want to and that’s cool. If you do want to do something; find a way. If not stop feeling bad about not doing it remembering that you don’t want to. Make a new choice. We also need to remember why we are doing the thing and last but not least ensure that we give whatever it is protected time to make sure it gets done.

My lovely Husband often references protected time about certain activities in his job. My private clients talk about it and I even suggest that clients create protected time around activities to ensure they happen. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. I have now created protected time in my diary once a fortnight to write a new blog.

Protected time for me means that my phone is in another room so I am not distracted and I am disciplined to ensure that my focus stays on task. Protected time is honouring the task at hand.   

Protected blog-writing time is now in my schedule and I am very clear why I am doing it. I want to serve and reach as many people as I can. I want to inspire, empower and guide them to live the very best lives they can live, to give them the tools to BE, DO and HAVE anything they want and live better than their current level of doubt and limitation may be allowing them. And that’s important to me.

I invite you to think about how you are spending your time. Are you forever complaining that you don’t have enough of it? The truth is you do you, just need to look at what you do with your time. We all seem to find time to watch cat’s play the piano on Youtube, don’t we? And whilst we are playing ‘The Wizard of Oz Magic Match’, on our Ipads we know we probably ought to be writing a blog, meditating, making a juice, tidying our desk etc. I am not saying you can’t watch the cat video, I am saying do watch it, but if we can make time for that we could make time for all the other things that we need to do.

Until next time and there will be a next time I wish you every success.





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