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“This course has helped me to become the person I was always meant to be. I’ve found a new passion and purpose. What Paul has delivered is outstanding. It’s more than just a course, you are joining a community and it is very, very special. It’s meant the world to me – it’s allowed me to see a pathway to new possibilities and I am very excited and hopeful about the future.” – Ruth 2021 


Are you looking for a new purpose or passion in life? 

Do you love helping others succeed? 

In 2021 I created a training program to enable people with passion for supporting others, to gain the skills and knowledge to become licensed, ‘Paul Scadding Thrive Coaches.’ Thrive, is at the heart of what I do and what coaching can help people achieve. To thrive means to flourish and to prosper in all areas of life. Who doesn’t want that?

The ‘Thrive Coaching’ program is a coprehensive training that is compromised of three core units:-

Unit One – The Coaching Profession and Coaching Competencies

This unit gives an introduction to coaching as a profession, its history and possible benefits. It establishes and makes clear what coaching is and more importantly what it is not. We thoroughly explore the Code of Ethics that Thrive coaches are expected to adhere to so that they can practice safely and effectively. We also explore coaching competencies and analyse the elements of a coaching call as well as learning techniques and exercises to teach to clients.

Unit Two – Personal and Professional Reflection and Development 

This unit explores ongoing development both personally and professionally to ensure that coaches stay positive, uplifted, motivated and inspired so that they can serve their clients in the most effective way.

Unit Three – The Business of Coaching

This unit ensures that coaches are aware of their professional and legal responsibilities regarding operating their business as a Thrive Coach. The unit aims to equip all coaches with the skills and awareness to set up and run a successful business be it full time or to the side of an existing job or business.

Course Structure 

Each unit is delivered over a three day experience and each unit is delivered approximately 4 weeks apart to allow time for reflection and practice. The training will currently take place annually and is limited to 8 learners to ensure a personal and supportive experience.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a practitioners license certificate with eligibility for professional insurance.

The course includes:- 

  • Over 63 hours of live training via Zoom
  • All training sessions are recorded and stored in a private online “Thrive Hive” archive for easy ongoing access, reference and review
  • In depth training manuals for each unit including over 20 case studies
  • Practical coaching experience with a peer from the programme throughout
  • Access to a private Wattsapp group for ease of contact and on going support
  • 8 hours of one-to-one coaching hours with Paul to help you formulate and set up your business
  • In person meet-up in London after the course

Ongoing Support 

All coaches have the option to join monthly group support calls to help keep you motivated and on-track.

Prior Experience 

You do not need prior experience or qualifications for acceptance onto this course. The core requirement is a genuine passion to support and uplift others and help them to thrive. Each applicant will be required to attend a call with Paul to assess suitability for this course.

Attend An Information Session With Paul 

During the information session Paul will outline the course and give you more in depth detail of structure and content as well as costs.

To book a place on an information session please email and you will be emailed a link to the zoom call.

Info Session Dates

Monday 30th May at 20:00 (8:00pm) uk time via Zoom

Tuesday 7th June at 19:30 (7:30pm) uk time via Zoom

Thursday 9th June at 10:00 (10am) uk time via Zoom

Sunday 12th June at 19:00 (7pm) uk time via Zoom

Upcoming Course Dates for 2022 

Unit One

Friday 28th / Saturday 29th / Sunday 30 October 2022

10:00 – 18:00 approx on each day

Unit Two

Friday 25th / Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th November 2022

10:00 – 18:00 approx on each day

Unit Three

Friday 13th / Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th January 2022

10:00 – 18:00 approx on each day

Please note learners must attend all days, for all three units of the course. In the event of sickness a participant may catch on by watching recordings


What the class of 2021 had to say…

“I’ve become a stronger and more confident version of myself from this course. Paul, your support has been incredible, the information you have given and the effort you have put into the course and the resources is brilliant. I’ve been on such an extraordinary personal journey and I am ready for this now. Paul was very real, and honest. I loved his personal stories which brought the course to life. He took the time to know each of us and understand who we are, what we need and what we want to do going forward. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work so closely with him. It’s changed my life!” – Sarah, 2021


“I think we all learnt some incredible lessons on our personal journeys during this course. I feel more confident, stronger and so motivated. Ultimately it has finally given me ALL the tools I need to actually become a coach, where as in the past I have only received parts of it from different course; this has everything! I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to become a coach. Paul is very real, there’s nothing artificial about him, what you see is what you get. He is clever, funny, articulate and really down right amazing!!! Best trainer I have ever had. Paul, you have literally change my whole life for the better. This course has helped me to release the potential I knew was buried somewhere inside me. Thank you!” – Lisa, 2021


“Paul’s style is relaxed, fun and he is full of information and know-how. He explains things really well, makes people comfortable about asking questions and gives attention to individuals as well as the group as a whole. I loved the mixture of the course content, activities and sharing with each other. The balance of different people sharing different experiences and approaches meant I learnt from the Thrive Tribe as well as from Paul, it made it a richer experience. Paul is a great teacher, especially because you know he wants everyone to succeed.” – Sam 2021  


“Paul has great energy, enthusiasm and such an authentic personality and big heart. This course covers all aspects of coaching, builds confidence and allows people to thrive in the learning environment and find their own path. This course has given me confidence and the tools to start my business and serve people who need help. It’s been everything and my highlight of the year. I want to say thank you Paul. I really do mean that. You have been amazing and this course has meant so much to all of us!” – Jewels, 2021


“I loved connecting with likeminded people; sharing each other’s wisdom and learning from each other. It’s so rare to find a group of people who are all so in tune with each other and supportive. Paul has such a wealth of knowledge to draw on. He has been there and worn the t-shirt with so many situations and is able to guide us from what he has learnt. Paul is always honest with his insights and creates a trusting environment where you really feel that you can ask him any questions without fear of judgement or looking stupid for not knowing the answer. Paul’s passion and love for the job that he does really shines through and makes you feel empowered to do anything you put your mind to. It’s so easy to trust that he will support us throughout our journey into this next adventure. Of all the courses and studying I have done, this has been so well planned and thought out and really allowed us to know all aspects of the coaching role. It feels like there is no stone unturned and I feel I have the tools and knowledge to really get started in my coaching career. Thank you Paul for helping me unlock my passion and purpose in life. You are a diamond and I thank the universe every day for bringing you into my world. You are a legend.” – Catherine, 2021


“It’s been an incredible journey for me and i’ve learned so much about myself and how I can channel all that I have learned in my life into coaching and helping others. I enjoyed the course so much, learning and connecting with a tribe of people and having each others backs was so wonderful. It’s clear that a lot of time, love and care had gone into building this course. Paul was very clear and supportive across the whole the course, everyhthing was easy to understand and Paul was always checking in to make sure we were all understanding. I would highly recommend this course, not only because it a more personable course, but its about the relationship you build with your fellow coaches for support and encouragement.” – Jodi, 2021 


“I would have never thought about doing this on my own, but with the support and love from Paul and everyone on the course it has been a possibility for me. All that we have learnt from Paul will help us with this journey and it feels less scary to take that step into the world of coaching.  The support from the Thrive Tribe has been amazing and you know Paul will be fully behind you for help and support in your coaching journey. Thank you just thank you Paul for the effort, time and love you put into this course and believing in us and helping us with this journey.” – Jackie, 2021


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