What are you made of? - Paul Scadding

My Loves, it has been so long since I have written anything that is not masters related; it feels rather lovely. I feel like Lady Whistledown lol. This blog is designed to give you quick little doses of inspiration.

The other evening, the words of one of the wisest people of our time, Dolly Parton, came to my mind…

“I always say I’m made of music” – “I’m made of dreams. I’m made of love” 

What are you made of?

Give yourself a minute to feel into that question…

Right now, do you feel like you are made of stress, confusion, wonder, calm, and so on?

If you don’t like what you’re made of right now, you have the power to shift it to what you’re really made of. Love, joy, peace, wisdom, compassion, resourcefulness…

It might be that you need to take some positive steps to shift into what you’re truly made of, but you will get there.

Big Love


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